Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sarva Dharma (All Great Truths) is dedicated to serving California communities with World Sacred Music, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures and Festivals. Our collective mission is to attune mass consciousness to a Higher Harmonic Vibration through producing the Very Best Sacred Theater, Music and Education events the World Stage has to offer.


SACRED SPACES VILLAGE ~ "Temple of Divine Reflections"
4:00 & Freak Show, BRC, NV - Aug. 25th - Sept 1st 2015
We are a diverse, international and inter-faith visionary community of artists, activists and mystics that features resonant sound activations, sunrise and sunset ceremonies, unrivaled workshops, healing arts, visionary art exhibit, world class evening entertainment and All Night Tea Lounge.

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Sarva Dharma
Since 1994, Sarva Dharma Productions has been a leader in serving the Southern California spiritual/holistic communities with the best in World Sacred musical events, workshops, seminars, lectures and festivals. Sarva Dharma Productions has showcased to Southern California audiences much of the music that has grown out the west coast festival circuit with it's roots in folk, rock, jazz, reggae and sacred cultures from around the world and has produced events over the last 15 years at various venues around the United States.